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For 22 years, we have been patients of Dr. Redington. Even while living out of state we made semi-annual trips back to Plano for check ups. Dr. Redington and his equally caring staff attend to all our dental health needs and we always come away knowing that we have the very best care.
Barney & Betty (the "Rubbles")
P.S. The big secret is....Barney can fall asleep while having a crown prep. It's that comfortable!

I have been a patient and friend of Dr. Redington for over 25 years. The rest of the testimonial should be unnecessary now if you read the first sentence again. However, I have received world class care from Dr. Redington over a very long period of time. I get compliments on my teeth and smile regularly. Any doctor is only as good as his office though and this is another area where Dr. Redington excels. His people, from office managers through hygienists, are some of the best in any type of health care facility in the whole Metroplex. If you are thinking about beginning with or switching to Dr. Redington–what are you waiting for?
Tommy Hiett (a 25+year patient of Dr. Redington)

After a horrible experience at another dentist, which left my daughter in tears, we decided to give Dr. Redington a try. Our experience was Great! We found all the staff to be professional and kind. My daughter loved her hygienist!!! She didn't scold, or in any way make her feel bad about her teeth. In fact, she told her about her own teeth as a child. My daughter smiled, she laughed. She actually had fun at the dentist. When Dr. Redington came in to examine her teeth, he was extremely kind. He talked to us, not down to us, explaining what should be done. He took the time to reassure her, explaining what we should expect when we return the following week for her fillings.

We all know there are a many ways to get the same point across...(she needs to floss-don't we all). The staff at Dr. Redington's office knows how to do it in a kind and dignified way. Seriously, who wants to go to a dentist and get scolded. Why not go somewhere that allows you to keep your dignity while taking care of you! My daughter has been brushing more thoroughly and flossing ever since. When we left Dr. Redignton's office, my daughter looked at me smiling from ear to ear and asked giggling, "Do I look pretty, Mom?" What could be better than that?!!! I left the dentist with a 10 year old with a beautiful confident smile. —Brenda

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